Monday, September 1, 2014

Good Morning Monday | 9

Some weeks need to be uneventful and quiet, and nothing else. Maybe I made a couple batches of cookies.  Maybe I cleaned the house top to bottom. Maybe I watched 2 seasons of the Mindy Project on Netflix over the weekend. FYI, I did all that.  It was perfect. 

How was your week? I hope your doing whatever you wish with your long weekend!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Festival Style Accessories

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!
Although Fall is coming and school is starting in just a few days, I'm still waiting on one more Music Festival... Rifflandia is in a few weeks, and I can't wait!!
A couple weeks back I drove down to the Gorge Amphitheatre to watch the Arcade Fire perform! A stellar weekend of festival camping and music. These are the accessories I brought with me!

There are some things I like to keep in mind when deciding what to wear to a festival, especially one you're camping at:

Bring accessories that are inexpensive: It's so easy to lose things or have things break when you're running around at busy, crowded venues. The last thing you want to be concerned about is your $100 sterling silver bracelet, or brand name sunglasses. If something goes missing, you don't really want to care about it.
Finding cute accessories for cheap is super easy! These pieces in particular are from Ardene (rings & stone necklace), Forever 21 (elephant ring), Ebay (sunglasses), and Reitmans (fox necklace). H&M, and Claires are other great places with a variety of selection to suit all different styles.

Jewellery should be comfortable: If you're super-cute collar necklace keeps poking you, you're going to get annoyed, no matter how much fun your having. If your rings are too lose you're going to be constantly checking to make sure they haven't fallen off. Not cool when you want to have fun times. Pick things you feel comfortable wearing and are comfortable to wear.

Bring just a few accessories: Choose jewellery that goes with all the outfits you're bringing. Packing along 5 necklaces, and 10 bracelets, just so you can wear them all on different days may not pan out. By day three you may be too lazy to even bother putting them on (like me), then they're just wasted space in your bag.

Bring a hair elastic and some bobby pins: Even if you don't normally wear your hair up. (unless you never wear your hair up)

Bring a ziplock: or small makeup bag. Keep all your accessories in there after you go to bed for the night. It will keep you from losing anything in your tent/purse/bag.

Do you have any packing tips and tricks for festivals, or camping? I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Petits Fours Cookies

Petits Fours are possibly the cutest edible things ever! They are miniature cakes or confectionaries that originated in France. These desserts originally came to be because coal ovens were used in the "olden days" kitchens and such small cakes were easy to make as the oven cooled. This would take advantage of as much heat as possible so as not to be wasteful.

These are more of a twist on true petits fours, they don't even use an oven! They are simple no bake treats that look adorable inside and out! 
The "cake" is made from store-bought wafer cookies, which when revealed under the creamy chocolate shell show layer after layer of cookie and icing, and look like you spent a lifetime and a half stacking cookies and icing! 

See all those layers in there!

Let's Start! Here's all the delicious things you'll need:

Slather cream cheese onto your wafer cookies and stack 'em,

Then slice your wafer cookies into adorable little cubes!

Prep your dipping station like so.

Dip each little cube in chocolate - Petit Four!

Then we get to decorate! We all know that's only the second best part to eating them.

Ingredients & Recipe

  • Wafer Cookies
  • 1/4 Cup white chocolate (optional)
  • 1 Cup + milk chocolate
  • Sprinkles & other adornments
  • Cream Cheese (or icing)
Other Supplies
  • microwave or double boiler
  • parchment paper
  • fork and spoon for dipping
Spread cream cheese on a wafer cookie and stack another on top of it, the cream cheese will act as glue to keep them together. Slice each wafer cookie into squares, using the grid on the cookies really helps. For extra fancy-ness, pull the wafers apart and stack - for extra flavour capabilities!
Using a double boiler or a microwave, melt the white and milk chocolate. separately. 
Coat each petit four in the milk chocolate. This works best by dropping the petit four into the chocolate upside down, turning it around in the chocolate with a fork and let any excess drip off back into the melted chocolate through the tines.
Place the petit four onto parchment paper, and top with adornments before the treats dry. Alternatively you can swirl white chocolate through the top with a toothpick.

What other toppings can you think of for these treats? Have fun!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Good Morning Monday | 8

This last week, and Weekend were packed with plans!
Monday and Tuesday were spent up at our family cabin at Shawinigan Lake. The weather was beautiful, you could spend time on the beach from morning until dinner! I have a lovely burn to prove it. Besides lounging and reading, I went knee boarding! Now that's difficult! But I made it up! Things like that are always such a personal satisfaction.
Friday through the weekend Mitch's Mom and Brother came into town to stay with us. It was really fun to spend some time being "a tourist in our own town". Walking down the breakwater, stopping into a few touristy shops, going into some fantastic restaurants, watching street performers, even just looking down the main streets let you see where you live through someone else's eyes. I sometimes forget why Victoria is such a tourist destination. I'm pretty lucky to have grown up in such a unique and beautiful city.
Sunday was a nice lazy day; Out for breakfast and some time at the beach, we all watched the Hobbit before bed time. Now I have today off with a little time for myself. It was a pretty family packed week!
How was your week?! what were the highlights?

  • Educating Alice is my current beach read. An autobiographical book about a woman's travels through different cities throughout the world. Everywhere she goes she immerses herself in the culture. She learns to cook in France, Learns the art of being a geisha is Kyoto, She trains border collies in Scotland, Follows Jane Austen's Life through Winchester. It is entertaining, funny, uplifting, and have learned so much. It is also fun for me because I've been to about half the places she spends time in.
  • Where we had pizza for lunch, and waffles for breakfast this weekend. 
  • I've been following this Kitchen makeover, and it's just becoming more and more perfect
  • DIY nail wraps, brilliant!
  • Arielle accepted my Liebster award nomination, yay!
  • This online blogging course from the house that Lars built looks fantastic
  • I made these peanut butter cookies to take to the lake monday. That's the batter you see in my mixing bowl post.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Picking Out New Mixing Bowls

Alright, so my current mixing bowls are white. My current Mixing bowls are plastic. My currently mixing bowls are uggggly. My current mixing bowls are stained with a tinge of orange from making Buffalo Cauliflower Dip a few too many times. My current mixing bowls came from Wal-Mart and cost me about $10 three or four years ago when I originally moved out of my parents. It's safe to say I can finally invest in a nicer set of mixing bowls! But who knew how hard it would be to find mixing bowls that I actually like! 
Okay, maybe it wouldn't be so hard if I wasn't taking into account that I take about 40 photos every time I made a batch of cookies. Or that I want something I won't get sick of in a year. Or worried about which shade of blue best makes chocolate chips stand out in a picture (Joke - I'm not actually thinking about it that hard). But these are my issues, and they're real. I'd started doing some online hunting and to be honest, it didn't make my quest much easier....

That was May,  fast-forward to now. Yes, this post has been sitting in draft mode for a few months, literally because I couldn't find enough bowls online to make a full image-set. They're that hard to find.
I've still been on the hunt all this time! Mixing bowls are an important piece in my kitchen. They need to feel right. That may sound silly but I think of them like an expensive purse; It needs to fit your taste, your lifestyle, it's an investment, and you want it to last. "I'll know them when I see them" I kept thinking.
I was at my mom's house last week and she offered me a fruit bowl she was parting with. I accepted because I liked it, and I didn't have a fruit bowl, and I really like bananas. I mentioned I was actually on the hunt for a set of mixing bowls and how difficult it's been to find a nice, simple set.
She went into the kitchen and from above the cupboards, pulled down a set of cream coloured bowls. They were littered with tiny fractures and one had a small chip but it was a complete set.
I vaguely remember these bowls being in our kitchen when I was a child. They were mostly used for serving and storing food rather than prepping. I had completely forgotten about them years ago. Like most things in your childhood home I'd never really given a thought to where they came from. Things just exist. No questions asked.
As it turns out, these bowls had been my grandfather's mother's - My great grandmothers, Who I'd never gotten to meet. My mom told me they'd made their way from Saskatoon when my Grandpa's family moved to BC when he was young. Over 70 years ago! She also told me my great grandmother never used recipes to make anything, I imagine like many women of her time. What went in was what they had. I can only begin to think of all the bread, biscuits and meals that came from these bowls. And I can't wait to start creating my own recipes in them.
Although these bowls really are just bowls, it shows that when you wait to invest in something that is important to you it all works out to be worth waiting for.

Here are some of the bowls I had been possibly eyeing before my great grandmothers set found me.

1 anthropologie | 2 ebay | 3 ebay
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